Give us a whirl!

SaddleBrooke Squares Dance Club newbies are glad they came!

SaddleBrooke Squares Dance Club newbies are glad they came!

Rita Fletcher

Three squares plus of new dancers came to Give Us a Whirl – October’s free intro to square dancing!

Major wow! Some may have seemed a bit apprehensive as they came through the door. What to expect? But that quickly dissipated. The new dancers were warmly greeted and made to feel comfy. Smiles and laughter were quickly evident as seen in the picture taken at the beginning of the square dance session.

Singles were happily partnered up as we squared up. Under the direction of our beloved resident professional caller Larry Kraber they quickly overcame any fear! The sheer enjoyment of quickly whirling around the floor in groups of eight to upbeat music while making new friends was so very evident. Each person enjoyed themselves and will return for more healthy exercise disguised as square dancing.

And they were still smiling as they left. Were they happy to leave, you might ask? Heavens, no! They were proud to have learned several basic square dance calls so quickly. They are coming back for more! They are determined Terminators: “I’ll be back!” We always have a good time; life is good, especially when you are with so many upbeat people. Always a fun evening! As Larry says, “Come prepared to laugh!” As Robert Service says in his book of poems, “Don’t pay life the compliment of taking it so seriously!” And so we are singing and dancing weekly. We feel—good!