Folklore Summit

Linda Rosenkrans

In a December fairytale summit,

Where mythical beings gathered to submit,

Santa Claus, Rudolf with his nose so bright,

The Golem, Frosty, shining in white,

The Tooth Fairy, Jack o’ Lantern in flames,

Liam the Leprechaun, Easter Bunny with no names,

And Tinkerbell, sprinkling magic in the air,

Convened to spread messages beyond compare.

Peace, they whispered, through frost-kissed breeze,

A hope that in hearts it forever freezes,

Love, they shared, like Santa’s embrace,

Unconditionally, filling every space,

Joy, they voiced, like Rudolf’s merry tune,

Guiding souls to happiness ‘neath the moon,

Happiness, they echoed, Frosty’s gentle cheer,

Melting winter blues, dispelling every fear.

Yet embracing these virtues was their decree,

To practice mindfulness, a spell so free,

Each moment treasured, no matter how small,

As Liam taught how happiness can’t enthrall,

For living in the present, the core delight,

To chase not elusive dreams beyond sight.

The Golem, ancient guardian, stood tall,

Stressing importance of embracing all,

For each tale spun, be it night or day,

Brings lessons, wisdom, lighting up the way,

As Jack o’ Lantern, wise and bright,

Shared stories to ignite that inner light.

As the summit unfolded, hope took flight,

In words conjured by Liam’s sparkling sprite,

Each fairy being, together they danced,

Weaving dreams of magic, as time advanced,

Teaching how every moment is a chance,

To savor life’s tapestry, in a graceful trance.

So as they dispersed, their purpose subsided,

Leaving trails of wonder, each heart confided,

Peace, love, joy, happiness, and hope,

Interwoven with mindfulness, a blessed rope,

To bind together moments, never apart,

Creating a fairytale etched in every heart.