Difficult Times: SaddleBrooke Stroke/Neurological Support Group

Esta Goldstein

Yes, this is a very difficult time in our community, nation, and world due to the coronavirus spreading itself through our lives in every way possible. It is making our health needs more difficult to maintain and the jobs of our health workers more difficult.

We who are the caregivers to our neurologically impaired loved ones with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, ALS, stroke, PCP, and many more are being pushed so much harder with their daily care. So many of the organizations that were able to give therapy, support, and information are closed or limited in personnel to assist us. Even the groups such as ours, had to stop the monthly meetings due to a total lockdown of both homeowner facilities and meeting rooms.

It has been decided by our board, with so little information of when our lives will be allowed to return to normal, to stop our monthly meetings until Oct. 16, 2020. At that time hopefully, we can resume our speakers and discussions.

Feel free to reach out to either me at 520-825-1181 or [email protected] or Marilyn Sellers at 520-818-0965 or [email protected] with questions or needed information.

Everyone stay safe and well. Know there is help available for those who ask.