Let’s Capture the Moon

Stuart Watkins

One evening, the cacti and trees in SaddleBrooke decided it might be fun to try and capture Mr. Moon.

Mr. Moon seemed to smile down at them every night as though laughing because the cacti and trees could not circle around earth as he could.

So, the tree bragged that with all his limbs he could easily snatch Mr. Moon as he circled between his arms.

He tried, but his limbs were too soft and springy, and Mr. Moon just passed right through and continued on his way.

Two saguaros bragged that between their strong stout arms they would be the ones to capture the moon.

However, when Mr. Moon passed between them, they were too short and Mr. Moon circled over them shining brightly on his way.

Soon, Mr. Moon was passing between two tall, skinny cacti bragging to each other that there was no way Mr. Moon would escape their grasps. The taller one said that he would snag the moon and there was no need for the shorter one to even try. The shorter one told the taller one that she was there as back up and would help hold onto Mr. Moon. The tallest one said there was no need for her help, and while they were arguing, Mr. Moon floated right between their arms and continued on his merry way.

The clouds in the sky grinned amongst themselves because they knew Mr. Moon would be floating right through them before long and they would caress him, tickle him, and tell stories about what each other saw during the day and night as they each passed through the sky.

The clouds and Mr. Moon laughed at the cacti and tree trying to catch Mr. Moon. Mr. Moon said he would see the clouds the next time around and thanked them for sharing their stories with him.

The night passed quietly and the cacti and trees stopped their foolish efforts to capture Mr. Moon.