Defense Against Frozen Pipes

Loop the rubber ears around the spigot

Loop the rubber ears around the spigot

Stuart Watkins

Arizona residents may not know how easy it is to defend your home from frozen pipes bursting when the weather dips below freezing, and it does happen.

First, when the weather is in the 30s, make certain your water hoses are disconnected from the outside spigots.

If water is in the hose and it freezes, it is likely to go up into the walls of your home and possibly freeze and burst the pipes.

If your outside water pipes have not been wrapped with insulation tape, you can do it yourself, or hire a local handyman to do this for you.

Insulation cups can be bought at most local hardware stores such as ACE, Lowes, and Home Depot. Sometimes the supplies have been bought out and they can only be ordered, which may not help you.

The large insulation “hood” goes over the water pipes near the front or side of your house.

Insulation cups are easy to use and durable. Mine have lasted many years, and I keep a few spare cups in case one gets broken, or the rubber “ears” snap after too many uses.

Pull the rubber ears out of the cup and slip the ears over the spigot. Cinch the round rubber disk up against the cup and pull the cup tightly against the wall.

You now have a first-rate defensive line against the toughest offensive freeze to attempt to burst your pipes.

Remember to prepare before the freeze and not regret that you waited too long.