Cyclemasters Bike Maintenance and Chili Cook-Off

Cindy Holm

For the first time, Cyclemasters offered its members a bike maintenance workshop followed by a chili cook-off. Approximately 40 members gathered at SaddleBrooke One, where Cyclemasters President Kurt McMillen, member John Boyd, and Jim Barrett of Birdie Trikes Sales and Service addressed the following topics: Typical Repairs on the Road, At-Home Preventive Maintenance, E-Bike Information and Maintenance, and Unique Bike Riding Topics.

Members got a sneak peek into what the presenters carry with them when they’re out on the road. Some items include a bike pump, spare tube, CO2 cartridges, patch kit, latex gloves, tool kit, master link, tire plugs, etc. At-home maintenance information included how often and when to lube a chain, where to store a bike when gone for the season (inside the house!), addressing “strange noises,” and maintaining tubed and tubeless tires. Specific e-bike information included yearly tune-ups, tire inflation, brakes, chains, storage, charging, and the importance of shifting gears and not just relying on more power to get up hills. Other unique information included topics on different types of pedals, the importance of using torque wrenches on carbon frames, and bike sizing and fitting.

According to the responses from members who attended the workshop, the information presented was relevant, the presenters were knowledgeable about the topics, and almost everyone left the workshop with a takeaway!

The first annual chili cook-off, which followed the bike maintenance workshop, highlighted red, white, and vegetarian chilis, which were prepared by members of the club. To keep it fair and unbiased, the judges were from SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO Patrol. After the judges rated the chilis, members had the opportunity to sample each one, then return with a larger bowl to have more of their favorites! Congratulations go to the following:

Red Chili: 1st Rod Hutton, 2nd Dan Hoshino, 3rd Adel Smith

White Chili: 1st Gail Thom

Veggie Chili: 1st Tina Moore

A special thank you goes to the Cyclemasters Board, Social Committee, workshop presenters, and chili cooks for organizing and participating in this informative and fun event! If you want to learn more about Cyclemasters, please check out our website at