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The Spook Light ‘Who Done It?’—An Interview with Cast Members

Cast member Jim Burke wondering, “Who done it?”

Mark Albrecht

The Community Circle Players’ upcoming performance of The Spook Light Legacy is getting lots of buzz in the community, with everyone asking, “Who do you think did it?” No reveal here but, recently, Andrea Molberg (CCP publicity) interviewed some cast members about who they believe is the guilty party.

Andrea: So, Mr. Goodrest, you’re the “man of the house.” Don’t you have some idea who might be planning a murder in your hotel?

Mr. G: Well, that’s just it … it could be anyone—from my two sort-of grown-up children, my wacky housemaid, or even the sometimes ghostly spirits running around the place. I must admit, it’s happened in the past. It’s the legacy, you know.

Michael: If we didn’t run the place, you could never control your offspring. You’re just like your forefather—complain, complain.

Andrea: So, Michael, are you offering some psychic insight from beyond the grave?

Theodore: Don’t listen to him. He’s a trash-ological liar who’d admit to it just to get attention.

Andrea: Oh, I see. How about you, Mrs. Goodrest?

Mrs. G: Well, that housemaid is involved in everything around here from soup to butts. It makes you wonder.

Helen: Now that’s not funny, Mrs. G. I’ve given this household the best years of my life.

Andrea: Are you saying that you have some hidden agenda here?

Fanny: Ooooh, where are the children? Children! It’s always the children.

Hiram G: Don’t listen to Fanny. She’s been dead since before I left 20 years ago. I bet it’s Lizzie.

Lizzie G: I knew you’d try to upstage me, brother. Always looking for all the glory with none of the effort. Don’t listen to him.

Andrea: Well, one thing is clear—it will remain a mystery until we attend the dinner theatre production March 25 through 31!

‘Spook Light Legacy’ Details

Carol Henry and Elizabeth Mastro: Such good friends

Andrea Molberg

Six dinner theatre performances of Spook Light Legacy will be held from March 25 to 31 (no show Tuesday, March 28) in SaddleBrooke TWO’s MountainView Ballroom. Ticket sales have been brisk, so get yours before they are sold out!

Simply go to and scroll down to Spook Light Legacy. Pick a date, and let your mouse hover over a table to find out if seats are available, then click on meal selection and quantity. Tickets can also be purchased at the SaddleBrooke TWO Administration office. The cost of the live show, three-course meal, and processing fee is $59.

Menu selections? The three-course meal begins with a garden salad of fresh greens, sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and shredded carrots with either ranch or balsamic dressing. Entrée choices are (1) Swedish meatballs (beef and pork) with a wild mushroom fricassee sauce, served over linguine noodles and finished with fresh parsley; or (2) Chicken Parmesan, tenderized 6-ounce chicken breast, breaded and fried, topped with house-made marinara, mozzarella, and fresh basil and served over linguine noodles; or (3) Vegetarian roasted ratatouille with zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, onion, and tomatoes with house-made marinara, served over linguine noodles and finished with a sprinkle of parmesan. The yummy dessert is “Death by Chocolate Cake” chocolate mousse, chocolate butter cake, chocolate ganache with raspberry sauce. For gluten-free and special dietary requests, please email [email protected].

Get ready for an evening of intrigue + comedy + the name of the murderer!