News from the SaddleBrooke Softball World!

King Mitchell, Jr. (aka Mitch)

Well, the news has been the weather! At this writing (Feb. 22—deadline day is the 24th), the softballers are seven weeks into the winter season. But some leagues have been lucky to get in three to four games. The Friday Community League has gotten in most of their games. And, of course, the weather has caused delays in the game times, as it’s been just too cold early in the morning.

Nonetheless, the action has gone on! But before I launch into the exploits of the softball gals and guys, a quick shout-out for our St. Patrick’s Day Tournament coming up on March 18! The weather should be great by then, and if you’re familiar with the program, there will be three or four games, free dogs, brats, sodas, water, music, fun, and great SaddleBrooke softball drama (and possibly some comedy as well). Yahoo! Wildfire Wing Company and Golf Cars of Arizona have stepped up as our sponsors. Thanks, guys!

Alrighty then. Enough of that. On to softball action! Well, despite the weather, the leagues have gotten in between three and seven games over our seven-week (so far) season.

In Monday Recreational, the Community Church of SB has a commanding 4-0 lead over Concierge Heating and Cooling. The tin-benders are going to have to fire up their furnaces to get back in it and catch up to the choir boys and girls. In Monday Community, we’ve got five teams going, with Dominick’s Italian at 3-2, Coyote Golf Cars and DS Builders at 2-2 each, Firetruck Brewing at 3-3, and Copper Health Oro Valley in the cellar at 2-3.

Jumping to Tuesday, in Community, Golf Cars of Arizona is tied with Hardin Brothers Automotive at 2-2. In Competitive, Arizona Indoor Air tops the league with a 4-0 record, with Andy’s Irrigation at 2-3 and Barron Electric really suckin’ it at 2-5. The Shockers are really going to have to power up if they want to “charge” back into it.

Anyhoo, in Wednesday Community, Jim Click Automotive (yours truly on the mound) is miraculously in the league lead at 2-1 over Healthy Skin Dermatology at 1-2. In Wednesday Sidewinder, we’ve got three teams battling it out. Currently, Catalina Family Dental is dominating at 4-1, with Brittni Guttman-Allstate at 1-2 and Canine and Company in the doghouse at 0-2.

Thursday Coyote has Absolutely Art on top with a 4-2 record, AARP following at 3-3, and Ambient Air-Heating and Cooling struggling in the cellar at 1-3. Ambient needs to get their furnace cranked up if they are going to put any heat on AA and AARP!

On Friday in Competitive, Big Bear Garage Door has the garage door firmly down on Bubb’s Grub grill. The Bears are at 3-2, with the Grubbers the reverse at 2-3. Time to fire up the “que” and get cookin’! Meanwhile, over in Friday Community, Player’s Pub is firmly in charge of the league at 7-0 (What?!) over Mitsubishi Air (Arizona Indoor Air) at 1-5 and Wanda Fudge-Long Realty at 2-5. Are the trade rumors heating up?

Don’t forget the St. Patrick’s Day Tournament on Saturday, March 18, probably starting around 8:30-ish, depending on the sign-ups and weather. Dogs, brats (did I hear burgers maybe?), beverages, music, and softball dramedy, sponsored by Golf Gars of Arizona and Wildfire Wing Company.

And a shout-out to the SSSA’s (SaddleBrooke Senior Softball Association) new sponsors for the year: AARP Info Center, Arizona Indoor Air, Copper Health Oro Valley, Ann Fraley-Long Realty, Wildfire Wings, Red Earth Tile & Stone, and Desert Life Pharmacy!

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