Catalina Mountain Elks Deliver Christmas for 20 Families

Jan Trudeau, community activities chairperson, delivering gifts to IMPACT employees Sue Dowler and Michele Santorelli.

The Catalina Elks “adopted” 20 children this year through our local food bank, IMPACT of Southern Arizona. Through your generous donations, and with some help from PERA, we purchased toys, art supplies, and clothing for each of these kids. We spent $75 per child. Each received at least five gifts to open for Christmas.

Also, IMPACT of Southern Arizona received a donation of $6,000, divided over 35 families, which meant that IMPACT was able to purchase $171.43 of additional groceries per family. Each family was provided a minimum of two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, and snacks for each of the two weeks. These meals included fresh meats, produce, dairy, and nonperishable items.