SaddleBrooke Singers Rehearse Love Songs

Patsy Partridge (Photo by Stephanie Caffall-Smith)

Cheri Emahiser

The SaddleBrooke Singers are busy rehearsing songs for their spring concert scheduled for April 1 at the DesertView Performing Arts Center. Look for tickets to go on sale soon. You won’t want to miss our spring concert titled Foolish Not to Love.

She Can Swing: One of our veteran singers rehearsing with the Singers is also an avid golfer. She’s been a member of the SaddleBrooke Women’s Golf Association for 18 years, and she is very good at golf. Marilyn Mitchell is tied with her husband for six holes-in-one! When she’s not golfing, she enjoys dancing and has loved doing so since she was a young girl. At the age of six, Marilyn started tap and modern dance lessons, which landed her in various performances and productions. By the time she entered high school and experienced the tutelage of a wonderful choir director, she found herself not only in the choir but a member of a trio and octet. She didn’t get a role in Mr. Holland’s Opus, despite it being filmed in her choir room at Grant High School in Portland, Ore. Despite not being cast, she obviously still enjoyed being onstage; she went on to perform in other numerous musical productions in high school and college.

A native of Portland Ore., Marilyn not only graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in business education, but met her husband of 60 years there. Moving from Cupertino, Calif., after an early retirement, the pair settled into SaddleBrooke in 1994. A son, daughter, and three grandchildren remain in California in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Singing and Dancing Begins Again: Retirement gave Marilyn the opportunity to begin singing again, and she claims she is one of the longest, but not the oldest, SaddleBrooke Singers. Joining in 1995, she also participated in several SaddleBrooke variety shows with her trio named Harmony 3. Marilyn’s dancing continued, as well, after she became a member of a group called the Desert Stars. She performed with them not only in SaddleBrooke and various venues in Tucson and Arizona, but also at an Austrian festival.

Marilyn says, “Being a part of the Singers family has been a very important part of my life and only continues to get better. Life is good in SaddleBrooke—enjoy the ride.”

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