Ace Day and Low Net winners for SBWGA

Geri Sandilinds

Those of us who love this crazy game could be called “cockeyed optimists,” “tenacious bull dogs, or perhaps even “gluttons for punishment,” but one thing you can never call any golfer is “Faint of Heart!”

We show up week in and week out, with no idea what small variable will be our undoing that day; a club malfunction? A sudden, fierce microburst? Perhaps it will be a one-inch tree branch or even an innocent pebble on the ground that sends our ball wildly off course.

Non-golfers scratch their heads and wonder why we wage a battle so obviously stacked against us. How can we explain that hoping to overcome those maddening, unexpected variables is precisely why we’re there?

One Tuesday a month, on Ace Day, our brave-hearted golfers face the unknown variables hoping to score low gross or low net and secure a spot to play in the Ace of Aces tournament at year’s end.

We congratulate our low gross Ace Day winners from January through June: Reenie Romey, Kerry Crowell, Becky Hubbard, Judy Melo, Maire Ryan and Molly Fullerton and we applaud our low-net winners Barbara Turiff, Yvonne Le Cornu, Melanie Neilson, Sally Drennen, Lynn Stewart and Brenda Brown.

We are thrilled for your victories and wish you the best of luck in November!