A Fun and Lively SaddleBrooke TWO Recreation and Activities Fair Planned for January 22

Joan Benson, FWR Committee Member

On Saturday morning, Jan. 22, the MountainView Ballroom will be alive with laughter and activity at the annual SaddleBrooke TWO Recreation and Activities Fair. The hours are from 8 to 11 a.m. The SaddleBrooke TWO Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation Committee plans and hosts this event each year for all of our residents. This is a fabulous occasion for clubs and organizations to promote and showcase their activities and accomplishments. This is a perfect opportunity for new residents to discover some of the interesting associations available within this active community.

Over 60 clubs and organizations will participate this year, and the activity level will be vibrant. There will be colorful exhibits and artful displays to highlight each particular group’s activity. Each organization develops information to catch participants’ eyes, and the diversity is superb. There is something for everyone. This is your opportunity to join a club or receive more information about their activities. During a past fair, a new resident commented, “I had no idea retirement was going to keep me so busy!”

Please join us! This is a great opportunity to feature your SaddleBrooke organization or to learn about other great groups. You won’t want to miss out on all of the fun!