2 Your Health: Migraines and Tension Headaches … Massage Can Help!

Heidi Overman, LMT

In my practice I have found a common complaint with clients are headaches. There was a time that I too was plagued with debilitating migraines at least twice a month. I know the pain and frustration of having your world stop because of migraines. I also know the dependency on medications to try to stay normal during this time.

Headaches are classified into six types: TMJ, sinus, cluster, tension, migraine, and neck.

TMJ: Pain is at temples, in front of ears

Sinus: Pain is behind brow bone and/or cheekbone

Cluster: Pain is in and around one eye

Tension: Pain is like a band squeezing the head

Migraine: Pain, nausea, and visual changes are typical of classic form

Neck: Pain is at the top and/or back of head

There are several different causes for these types of headaches, some of which are: stress (after long stressful work hours), sleep deprivation, bad posture, irregular mealtimes, eyestrain, tooth clenching, hunger, muscle tension, post exercise, inflammation, poor sleep position, and more. There are also secondary issues that cause headaches: hypertension, cervical spinal disorders, injury, hormones, and trauma (such as whiplash), to name a few.

Massage is one of the best natural ways of not only relieving headaches, but over time, preventing headaches. It is important to be cognizant of all factors which contribute to headaches and migraines, including issues occurring away from the head. Massage therapists are in a better position than many care providers to untangle the clues that can lead to long term improvement. Massage therapists are trained in many types of modalities (neuromuscular trigger point, cryotherapy, MFT, and more) and work with your whole body.

Though massage cannot necessarily cure these issues, it can help relieve pain. I have found that my clients with headaches and migraines have had success in pain management, mental clarity, and long-term relief through regular massage.

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