2 Your Health: Brue Chiropractic – Consumer Reports rates chiropractic vs medical care

Dr. Craig Brue

You will never hear the good news about the effectiveness of chiropractic care on TV. Instead, hour after hour, day after day, our air waves are filled with drug ads that proclaim the wonders of their latest pill. The ads typically depict the healthiest and most productive people that are energetic and full of life. The ads are filled with more hype than truth. And then, the ad always finishes with a short, usually hidden disclaimer about the diabolic side-effects of the same drug: including allergic reactions, cancer and death.

My advice: Buyer Beware! In the elusive hope that this new drug might help the one problem you have, you have now introduced into your body a drug that has many more serious side effects than benefits. Even our over-the-counter drugs have significant long-term risks. With prolonged use, Tylenol can cause liver disease and the overuse of NSAID’s may result in kidney and vascular disease.

Not long ago, Consumer Reports magazine did a study comparing patient satisfaction with chiropractic and medical treatment. The report was based on a study of 14,000 patients that were being treated for back pain. The response to chiropractic care topped the list of patient satisfaction. Of those who tried chiropractic adjustments, 58% said it helped a lot and 59% were completely satisfied with their chiropractor.

By comparison, the percent of people highly satisfied with a physician specialist (orthopedist) treating back pain was 44% and satisfaction with a primary care physician was only 34%. The article also stated that patients should avoid narcotic drugs like oxycodone and Vicodin because about half of the people who take opioids suffer adverse effects, including addiction and death.

I have now been in practice for over 45 years and every day I stand amazed at the body’s ability to heal and repair with simple spinal adjustments. This past month I had an 86-year-old woman that came into my office with severe sciatica. She had been suffering with this condition for over a year. After only one spinal adjustment she was 80% better. After three spinal adjustments the sciatic problem had completely resolved. Can you imagine what this outcome meant to the patient? The relief was priceless.

Would you like to know the world’s best exercise for back and neck pain?

The answer: Walk into an excellent chiropractor’s office for a spinal adjustment.

Dr. Brue is an author, lecturer and chiropractic provider in SaddleBrooke, AZ.