Shed-It for a better you!

TeriLee Olivier

TeriLee Olivier

TeriLee Olivier, certified International Sports Sciences Association fitness trainer/specialist in fitness nutrition

Are you ready to lose weight, transform your body, and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle long into your retirement years? As a certified nutritional coach and fitness trainer, I can give you the tools and coaching that you need to accomplish this goal. With a personalized carb-cycling meal plan that allows for flexibility, you can achieve the best possible version of you. I have coached many SaddleBrooke residents who not only produced significant weight loss but improved medical stats as well. Working with a fitness trainer can help you with weight loss, reduced blood sugar, pain free joints, lower blood pressure, and more.

A big part of the SHED-IT (Self-Help, Exercise, Diet & Information Technology) program is personal accountability. Having an expert to check in with regularly will make a difference in your success. And, determining your “Why?” will help you bring your goals to fruition and keep you on track. I will take the time to learn what your body requires so that I can ultimately help you reach your goals in a healthy way.

As your coach, I will create a customized fitness program suited for you and your needs. My training methods are developed based on your fitness goals and will be modified continuously to keep you challenged.

In addition, the science behind carb-cycling incorporates a nutritional approach by varying carbohydrate intake on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This concept may help you lose fat, build muscle, or maintain your physical form, as well as enhance athletic performance. SHED-IT teaches you how to utilize a carb-cycling strategy so that you can make your metabolism work for you. This formula has positively impacted both men and women of all ages. It can work for vegans and vegetarians and has made a significant difference in improving type 2 diabetes.

My program is offered through the DesertView Fitness Center, and I am excited to help you jump-start your weight loss and SHED-IT for a better you! For more information, contact TeriLee at [email protected]