Woodworkers at Work!

John Hardin and Mark Erickson

Jay Rosenlof

The new Woodworking Club has found a challenging new project. In case you haven’t heard, a new Woodworkers Club was organized to connect woodworking folks in our community.

The idea to form this club was to have woodworkers get to know each other, as well as help others in the community who need help with woodworking repairs and new projects.

Some are currently working on a bigger project than was first envisioned. SaddleBrooke One has two large Nutcracker statues that needed some serious help. The wood was deteriorated, the paint was discolored and peeling, and the decorations were faded. Much progress has been made, but more time will need to be spent to bring them back to their original prime condition.

John Hardin and Mark Erickson have both been deeply involved in the restoration project. A big thanks to everyone else who has spent time working on this project.

If you have an interest in woodworking or need to have a wood project repaired or want to have something built, contact us through our email at [email protected].