MVLP Founder’s Day 25th Year Celebration—‘This Is Your Life, Madam President’

Past presidents (left to right): Back row: Marcia Munich, Patty Elliott, Marijo Lewis, Kim Halper, Pat Wells, Jean Krous, Eileen Snearly; front row: Cathy Scott, Mary Baglien, Gay Uhl, Pam Smith (photo by Dar Pitman)

Committee (left to right) with a box of napkins made into roses: Eileen Snearly, Ginnie Schoepf, Donna Vargas, Mary Williams, Barbara Bloch (rose instructor), Dar Pitman (photo by MV staff)

EJ Snearly

On Feb. 13 the MountainView Lady Putters (MVLP) celebrated the 25th anniversary year since the organization was founded. The program was presented as “This Is Your Life, Madam President,” and the former presidents of MVLP were welcomed and individually shared what being president of this organization meant to them. They shared good memories and many laughs as the past presidents told their stories.

The members honored their founder Lou Ann Garvin. Lou Ann had such a hard time getting the MVLP started. It was especially difficult getting the use of the putting green one day a week, but she never gave up, and the members continue to putt every Monday.

Things were so different 25 years ago:

* The treasurer would only take cash for dues and luncheons.

* Members were called weekly and reminded about putting.

* Putters held “white elephant” luncheons.

* For two years, they played at Sun Lakes, near Phoenix, where there were only nine holes, so half would putt and the others would go shopping.

* When someone was ill or was having surgery, members would hold hands in silent prayer.