Why does my dog do… What my dog does? Free Seminar

Diane Aaron

The SaddleBrooke Dog Park Association invites all residents, dog owners and dog lovers to come meet a special dog trainer, Karyn Garvin, on Thursday, January 10 in the SaddleBrooke TWO Ballroom East.

The program kicks off the second year of the Dog Park’s successful Speakers Series. It will be from 2:00-4:00 p.m. with doors opening at 1:30 p.m.

Last year when Karyn Garvin spoke to a packed house, she answered questions for almost 45 minutes on why does my dog…. As a result, the dog park has invited Garvin back as a part of Speakers Series 2019.

Karyn Garvin has been a professional dog trainer and dog behavior specialist since 1978. She has provided no less than 40,000 private lessons with dog owners in the Phoenix and Tucson area. Karen will give a brief introduction to her philosophy on living harmoniously with your dog; practical, training methods that work and answer your questions. Garvin has helped thousands of dogs and people work out behavioral issues and the family lived happily ever after.

Karyn is also an author and a Tucson Ted X speaker. For more information, go to her website, GarvinsDivineDogTraining.com to view her recent Ted X Talk: “Save a Dog’s Life.” For a list of the books Karyn has authored visit www.DogTrainingOnAmazon.com.