Why delay your fun and fitness? Line dance with Rebecca this summer


Dr. Mark Magdanz

Health and fitness wise: Dance is a form of physical training getting nearly continuous attention of late. Rightfully so. As a form of interval workout, it is by far the more time efficient way to perform cardio exercise-more effective than steady rate exercise. So, what is interval training? In a nutshell for dancers, it is alternating periods of higher intensity work with periods of low intensity recovery. For example; three to five minutes of moderate paced dancing, go faster for three-four minutes and then slow your pace for a few minutes. Repeat the cycle several songs/dances and you’ve completed a pretty complete and demanding interval workout. There are many plausible arguments for why one type of exercise is superior to another, but if you don’t participate, it does no good. If every moment of activity is torture you won’t keep at it. The best exercise is the one you can actually do, maybe forever. Line dancing is the ticket to fun exercise for many—it’s the third most participated in senior activity worldwide.

With Rebecca’s classes you’ll gain fun, exercise, balance, strength, new friends, brain maintenance/improvement, increased memory, muscle tone, bone strength, self-confidence and consistent fun. A willingness to laugh at yourself and with others will be your greatest asset. It is required that you be nice to yourself and allow the time to catch the basics.

Level 1 Beginners class is for those new to line dancing. If your life is slowing down, or you need a slower pace, then Level 1 is also a great place to add some fitness and energy back into your lifesyle. Classes occur Monday and Thursday in SaddleBrooke.

Level 2 Easy Intermediate classes provide a bit faster learning and more intensive dancing workout. Those who have previous training and/or experience may jump directly into this level quickly. Most start with Level 1. For this level you’ll need previous step training and more stamina. Classes are Monday afternoons and/or Tuesday mornings.

Fun and vigorous one hour “Happy Feet” party sessions occur year-round on Thursday for Level 2 dancers.

It’s time to claim a spot on the summer dance floor. If you are gone for the season, make fall or winter plans to dance. This summer will have nine-ten sessions for each class starting the third week of July. Provisions can be made for those who will miss a lesson or two due to your travels to make up floor time (we travel, too!)

Classes are taught on a reservation basis to control size and maintain a fun and favorable learning opportunity. Put your name on one of the class lists by contacting Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656. Rebecca has produced skilled, happy and healthier SaddleBrooke line dancers since 2008.