25 years of SaddleBrooke Singers


Steph Mattie

The set decorations have been put back in storage, the risers have been taken down and the sheet music has been returned to the files. Another season of SaddleBrooke Singers came to a close, after our presentation of Everything’s Coming Up Broadway in early April. In his opening remarks to the audience, President Jay Hansen announced that this is the 25th year for the SaddleBrooke Singers. He asked the group to stand designating their years of membership in the choir. A number of singers have participated for at least 15 years, and several have been involved in the club for at least 20 years. As a two-year member, I am in awe of their dedication and I value their expertise and guidance. I will have more information on individual singers and their musical backgrounds in upcoming articles.

With summer approaching, the SaddleBrooke Singers are on hiatus until September. As I think back on the fall 2017 and spring 2018 rehearsals/concerts, I am reminded of the energy and focus that was the foundation of each meeting. Let me assure you, the atmosphere remained positive and amiable even when we were learning new songs or working on tricky musical arrangements. I look forward to returning in September to begin fall 2018 practices in order to get ready for the December show!

In closing, the SaddleBrooke Singers would again like to thank our sponsors, whose contributions help promote local talent right here in SaddleBrooke. We would also like to thank the wonderful audiences who attended our December and April concerts. It is our pleasure to perform for such an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd. The SaddleBrooke Singers Organization is comprised of SaddleBrooke residents and has been presenting programs to the community for almost 25 years. For more information about the SB Singers, please contact Jay Hansen at 520-271-8542.