When Snakes Seek Warmth

Stuart Watkins

A coiled rattlesnake was seeking warmth and found a place to sleep in our garage. As I was removing bags of donated clothing to take to my church next morning, my eyes glanced at what I thought was a shirt that spilled from one of the donated bags.

The rattlesnake that had been hidden by several of the bags, seemed as if it was asleep. After warning my wife and son I called the Golder Ranch Fire Department.

Two firemen arrived and professionally removed the sleepy snake and placed him in a lidded container to be removed to a place in a desert location far away from SaddleBrooke.

The firemen did not want me to use their names, because “they were just doing their job,” but allowed me to take their pictures to show how they operated.

These well-trained firemen knew what to do to remove the snake safely, not only for them and us, but for the snake. The snake finally rattled its tail as it was being placed in the container.

If you find a snake in your yard, garage, or house, do not panic, step away, then call the Golder Ranch Fire Department at 520-825-9001.