What’s new at SaddleBrooke Computer Club

Many SaddleBrooke residents took advantage of a special Question and Answer session.

Many SaddleBrooke residents took advantage of a special Question and Answer session.

Richard Beaty

SBCC User Group Meeting

On April 6, SaddleBrooke Computer Club held a special Question and Answer Session that was open to all SaddleBrooke residents. Many of our volunteer class instructors were distributed at tables throughout the room as attendees moved from station to station to get advice from the various instructors on their areas of expertise. Some outside experts were also present to field questions on special topics.

Topics supported at this popular event included the upcoming Windows 10, Computer Security, PC Repairs and troubleshooting, Mac repairs and software, iPhone and iPad, Family Search, MS Office software, Photoshop Elements, Beginning PC and many more.

As a lot of SaddleBrooke residents are leaving for cooler climes this time of year, User Group meetings are being suspended until next fall when they will start up again.

Summer Classes

Following suit, there will be fewer classes available for signup starting this month as club members and teaching staff alike take summer breaks. But several instructors do hang around during the summer and new classes will be added to our calendar. When such classes are scheduled they appear on our web calendar at: www.saddlebrookecc.org/calendar.html. Club members can sign up for newly scheduled classes by going to www.saddlebrookecc.org and clicking the Enrollment link.

For those of you who remain in SaddleBrooke for all or part of the summer, there are advantages to taking summer classes. There is usually always space available and you will get more personal attention with smaller class sizes.

Online Classes

For the last couple of months I’ve reported on the status of the new SBCC online classes. The process of creating these classes took a big step forward in April when Francis Adams gave an instructors-only class on the software we will be using to create these classes. A prototype webpage has also been created that will give Computer Club members access to these classes as they come available. While still a work-in-progress, online classes are on a fast track to reality and new online classes should be available by next fall.

Computer Security was the first class to go online. It is still available to the SaddleBrooke community at large as a community service of SBCC. We all know how important computer security has become for preserving our privacy and identity. Anyone who wishes to take this online class can do so by going to: toolstoysandtechnology.com/sbcc-online/computer-security/.

When additional classes come online I’ll announce them in this column.

For The Latest News

Keep an eye on the Computer Club website at www.saddlebrookecc.org for the latest in what’s going on. Click the Calendar link to see what new classes may have been added or the News link for general updates on Computer Club activities.