New choir forming

Madeleine Fiorino

Several people have asked me to start a choir for the summer, so here goes:

The choir will start on Friday, June 5 in the Sonora Room HOA1 from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. We will rehearse from June to September with a concert in September (hopefully). This will be a most unusual choir. We will start with two or three Gregorian Chants. I am one of the very few Gregorian Chant teachers in the world (which does not necessarily mean that I am ancient!). Then we will sing two or three – four part Polyphonic hymns. This is such magnificent music. Men, please join. Many women have already joined and I’m hoping for many more. This is such magnificent music and so much of it is already obsolete. We will end up going from the sublime to fun—with two or three Barbershop songs. The whole program will be a cappella (hopefully).

Some of my background:

When I was nine I had a weekly radio show in Canada. I sang at Radio City Music Hall when I was 12. I was given a voice scholarship to the Julliard School of Music when I was 13. I was an Opera singer for most of my life. However, my degree is in Liturgical Music and Chorale Conducting.

I have taught in colleges, seminaries, etc. in New York, Canada and in Denver. I was the assistant director of Liturgical Music for the Archdiocese of Denver; consequently, I was hired to start many of the Denver choirs. I also had several adult church choirs. One of my choirs performed Faure’s Requiem with members of the Denver and Brico Symphony. My boys’ choir came in first in three states and won the Lowell Thomas award.

Just before we moved to lovely SaddleBrooke and Gianni and I joined the SaddleBrooke Singers, I was a member of the select Jewish Temple Emmanuel Choir. I was also directing the Jewish Women’s Folk Choir, Shir Ami.

The dues will be $30 per person which will cover the accompanist for rehearsals and the music. My only payment will be to hear this beautiful music again. If we have money left over (hopefully) in September, we will go and celebrate our success. How can you not join?