What United SaddleBrooke Wants

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what United SaddleBrooke wants to accomplish in our community. Let’s clarify that.

First and foremost, United SaddleBrooke is seeking increased cooperation between the two HOA boards, a concept that both boards themselves committed to in their April joint paper on mergers.

Cooperation can generate great benefits for all SaddleBrooke residents: more efficient management of our resources, lower costs, effective planning, more support for home values, a better competitive marketing position for SaddleBrooke as a whole, less friction, and stronger community spirit.

We believe cooperation is best pursued by baby steps, such as incremental efforts in marketing, planning for amenities, Patrol, and consistent rules and regulations that will make living in SaddleBrooke seamless for all residents.

We think that a sustained effort of this type will mushroom and lead to consideration of an even closer relationship between the two boards in the future. Is a merger possible? Perhaps, but that is years off. The primary goal is to get the two boards working together for the benefit of all of us.

Will residents have to sacrifice things they love? Will SaddleBrooke One residents lose their private club? Will residents of one HOA have to pay for the expenses of the other? Will residents lose control of their HOA to the other HOA? Absolutely not!

These are misconceptions and misrepresentations. Please remind everyone that each HOA controls its own destiny.

Each resident can vote to protect what they consider important. Residents would only approve a merger agreement if it was a good deal for both sides. Anyone who says differently is trying to sell you snake oil. Please help stop those rumors.

One thing we are certain of—SaddleBrooke, as we know it, is at risk if we don’t find a way to get the boards working together. The Reciprocal Use Agreement (RUA) that allows us all access to each other’s facilities and amenities expires in six years, and if it is not extended, the consequences will be drastic for everyone. Residents of SaddleBrooke TWO almost defeated the agreement in 2020. Unless relations between the two boards improve, we suspect that the current RUA will be the last one.

SaddleBrooke is a great place to live. But as residents with a big investment in our homes, we are worried. United SaddleBrooke thinks it’s time to chart a different course, a course of cooperation. What do you think?