Pizza with Friends


Judy Saks

Dancing, dancing, dancing. That is the main purpose of the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club. It even says so in the mission statement on our website. “The Mission of the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club is to … learn and enjoy the craft of line dance.” Doing all that dancing (which we love to do) doesn’t leave much time to chat (which we also love to do). But there is another part of our mission statement. In fact, the last sentence says, “The goal is enjoyment in dance and camaraderie.”

Camaraderie. That’s an interesting word. The definition is, “Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.” A few other words to describe camaraderie would be “companionship, togetherness, affinity.” On Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 28, there was plenty of camaraderie when the line dancers assembled to eat and chat at the home of one of our longtime club members, Barbara Brunswig. (Thanks, Barb, for opening up your lovely home and patio to us.)

The luncheon started off healthy with a large platter of veggies (carrots, celery, broccoli, etc.) and soft drinks. And for those who wished for something a tad stronger, there was also some fruity sangria. Then we got down to the star of the show … pizza! There was cheese, pepperoni, and a combo loaded with lots of good stuff. To finish things off, everyone enjoyed lemon bars and chocolate cupcakes baked by our own Shirley Miller (delish!).

Please check out our website If you have any questions, please email our vice president, Sandy Gianotti, at [email protected]. Club dues are still just $10 per year. Why not come join us for food, fun, and, of course, dancing? We’re a very friendly bunch!