Water aerobics classes

Water aerobics or aqua aerobics is a great combination of fun and exercise. The exercise involves various body movements in a rhythmic style, and certain kinds of dance steps, too. A standard session of water aerobics lasts for about 40 to 50 minutes. This workout program gradually increases from basic steps to high intensity exercises. When it comes to improving cardiovascular health and muscle endurance, water aerobics is a safe alternative to standard aerobics and it easily surpasses most other kinds of exercises. This workout concentrates on body parts such as limbs, chest, abdomen, neck and back.

Because water aerobics is a low impact form of workout, it is especially beneficial for mature adults and for people with arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain and diabetes.

Water Jogging for beginners

Jogging using different type of arm movements like breaststroke, side to side and open and close arms in front on the chest will increase the heart rate, burn calories and keep you moving. If you want to increase intensity move across the pool.

Water Cardio for beginners

15 to 20 repetitions of alternating front kicks, jumping jacks, speed walk, back kicks and high knees will give you a great cardio workout; you can repeat the exercises few times in any order.

Water Power and Endurance

15 to 20 repetitions of knee tucks, knee up back kick, ballerina front and back kicks and pushups on the deck or the wall are great for power and endurance. Keep the core engaged, head up and back straight as you do your power exercises.

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