Warren Tiahrt jump starts the hole-in-one train

Bob Edelblut

I am sure that all of you remember that the MPMGA engineers had to add an extra car to the club’s hole-in-one train back in April, when one of our members recorded the eighth hole-in-one of the year. At that time, no one would have wagered that it would take four months for another to be recorded. Warren, we thank you for taking your seat on the train and providing a little comfort for that forgotten member sitting alone in the new car. On Thursday, August 2 Warren recorded his seventh hole-in-one on the 17th hole at our MountainView Golf Course. He was playing from the green tees and his shot he guessed was about 150 yards. His next memory was hitting his five wood as well as he could and knowing that it was right on line. That feeling of excitement quickly passed when he could not locate his ball on the green but returned instantly when the ball was located in the bottom of the cup. Four of Warren’s holes-in-one have been recorded on our courses—three at MountainView and one at the Preserve. By the way, this one was at a Men’s Club regular weekly event and free beer will flow at our next monthly luncheon to honor Warren’s accomplishment. Congratulations one more time and for the record I agree, “It is better to be lucky than good.”

Warren’s hole-in-one gives us another opportunity to recognize our club’s hole-in-one sponsors. Here they are: Pottery Fiesta, Holmes Tuttle Ford, Lexus of Tucson Auto Mall, Apache Gold Casino, Golf Cars of Arizona, Brue Chiropractic, Gourds by Vargas, Catalina Hardware, Twin Lake Air LLC, Matt Hudson-PGA Golf Professional and Van’s Golf Shop. Thank you, your continued support is greatly appreciated.