Vital Moves Fitness Program continues to enhance lives

Janis Bottai, owner and director of the Vital Moves fitness program.

Janis Bottai, owner and director of the Vital Moves fitness program.

Pat Smith

For more than 22 years, the Vital Moves fitness program has supported, enhanced and encouraged the residents of SaddleBrooke in the health and wellness arena. Janis Bottai, the owner and driving force behind Vital Moves, has devoted her career to helping others improve their quality of life. Janis believes that “conditioning is a process that everyone benefits from, whether the client is a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or a doctor’s referral. It is the trainer’s job to figure out where the client is on the very broad spectrum of conditioning, where to go next and how to safely and effectively help the client achieve that next level.”

To accommodate all levels of conditioning and exercise, Vital Moves offers a wide variety of classes, six days a week. They include all levels of strength and balance classes like TRX and core training, restorative classes like beginning yoga, silver sneakers and pilates and fun and active sessions like Zumba and cardio drumming.

If you wish to join in on the fun in group fitness classes or work with a certified personal trainer, on a one-to-one basis to build and strengthen your body, contact Janis or visit the SaddleBrooke One Fitness Center where Vital Moves is housed. There is something for everyone at every fitness level to enjoy and from which to reap benefits.

The mission statement for Vital Moves has been, and continues to be, “to educate, motivate and inspire our clients and group participants to train for health, strength and independent living today, tomorrow and beyond. When we inspire clients to ‘enjoy the process’, then we have truly done our job!”

Contact Janis at 520-850-4089 or [email protected] or visit the website at Enjoy the process!