Verde Sputters November Update

Clunk, clunk, clunk goes that little white ball as it speeds into the hole. The newly reseeded greens are fast, but that doesn’t slow down the Verde Sputters, as 52 Sputters, four new members, and four guests hit the putting green on a beautiful Nov. 6 morning. Donna Bujnovsky presented Connie Kotke with her Star for a low 38 score. Janet Knowles and Donna McPherson each got three holes-in-one, and Ann Grover and Dawn Hecht each got two holes-in-one. The following each received a hole-in-one: Carolyn Bewalda, Donna Bujnovsky, Maryellen Clark, Patti Figueroa, Penny Fullenkamp, Deb Gryniewicz, Jan Haney, Connie Kotke, Virginia LaBar, Linda Lewis, Marilyn Palatas, Linda Pike, Sheelagh Simpson, Karen Taylor, and Ann Villar. Low scores were Janet Knowles, 34; Dawn Hecht, 35; Jeanne Ragan, 39; and Opal Larkin, 37. Not to be forgotten are the money hole winners Patti Figueroa and Penny Fullenkamp.

Afterward, all enjoyed a luncheon of turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, rolls, harvest vegetables, cranberries, and for dessert, apple crisp and ice cream. Debbie Flato entertained us with her turkey jokes, which were followed by a Thanksgiving quiz, with the table of winners receiving prizes. Committee members were Debbie Flato, Jean Matheson, Karen Simmons, and Donna McPhearson. A big Happy Birthday to our November birthday Sputters: JoAnn Koblewski, Pam Eloy, and Carole Croteau. Soup mugs were given to two Sputters with birthdays closest to Thanksgiving Day.

A vote was taken at the luncheon to change our fiscal year to January through December beginning in 2024. It passed with flying colors, so a big thank you to all those who voted. What does this mean? Beginning  April 1, or thereabouts, dues for the eight months left in 2024 (June through December 2024) will be collected, which will total $40. For Social members, it will be $20. Lydia O’Connor, Membership, will send out an email in the spring to all members notifying them that annual dues are due. For new members signing up in January, dues will be $60 and prorated when sign-up is in a later month.

On Nov. 13, 52 members and four guests turned out to enjoy some fun. There were 39 holes-in-one and a low score of 37, which goes to Ann Villar. A low of 38 goes to Mickey Levich, Donna McPherson, and Marilyn Palatas. A score of 39 goes to Jeanne Ragan and Penny Stowe. Donna McPherson and Laurie Miller each got three holes-in-one, and Dawn Hecht, Cathy Howard, Opal Larkin, Mary Vandermast, Ann Villar, and Jean Matheson (our hole-in-one dancer) each got two holes-in-one. The following each got a hole-in-one: Lavonne Ashwood, Nancy Bowersock, Hilda Clyde, Jay Dunn, Jan Haney, Ellane Jepson, Connie Kotke, Lee Kump, Mickey Levitch, Linda Lewis, Linda Malone, Carolyn McLean, Marilyn Palatas, Jeanne Ragan, Shauna Rand, Karen Simmons, Sheelagh Simpson, Penny Stowe, Jel Ligon (guest), Linda McAllen (guest), and Helen Bellacqua (our fearless leader). The big money hole winners were Sheelagh Simpson and Mary Vandermast. Donna Bujnovsky presented a Star to Janet Knowles with a 34 and Dawn Hecht with a 35.

On Nov. 20 there were 46 Sputters and four guests. There were 27 holes-in-one and a low score of 37 by Marilyn Palatas. Mickey Levich came close with a 39. Dawn Hecht, Virginia LaBar, Mickey Levich, Marilyn Palatas, and Lana Steinert each got two holes-in-one. The following Sputters got one hole-in-one: Wendy Bellamy, Mary Ellen Clark, Jay Dunn, Ann Grover, Jan Haney, Carri Johnson, Judie Knapp, Opal Larkin, Laurie Miller, Karen Taylor, Debbie Van Berkom, Vicki Wermager, and Pam Young. Three guests also got a hole-in-one: Deidre Frame, Linda McAllen, and Peggy Parise. Money hole winners were Carrie Johnson and Helen Bellacqua who was not only a money hole winner but also got a hole-in-one. Good play for Helen! Donna Bujnovsky presented a Star to Penny Stowe with a 39 and Ann Villar with a 37.

Did anyone notice the green color of the Seahawks’ new uniforms? Do you think they got that idea from our Verde Sputters? Would not surprise me!