HOA 1 Appreciated by the Pool Players of The Brooke Billiards Club

With cue sticks ready for battle are attendees (left to right) Leslie Vanhoff, Vivian Timian, Len Alcantara, Tom Swikoski, Jo Ann Ellison, Marty O’Shea, Kathleen Sartoris, and Char Crossman.

Joe Giammarino

On Nov. 16 the Pool Players of the Brooke Billiards Club (PPB) showed their appreciation for SaddleBrooke One’s board of directors and the Health and Recreation Committee (HRC). The PPB’s president Dick Dunbar, the PPB’s first lady Kathleen Dunbar, and Dominic Borland organized and executed an appreciation event to recognize the board’s commitment to making the Catalina Recreation Center’s Billiards Room the best in the area.

The upgraded Billiards Room was admired by the more than 60 residents attending. The Billiards Room was cleaned and staged by Phelps L’Hommedieu and Joe Giammarino, and from the comments received, it was very inviting to our guests. The PPB offered pizza, quesadillas, wine, beer, and soft drinks for those in attendance. The PPB’s very own Fred Dianda, as always, prepared a dessert that was out of this world and was gone as fast as a cue ball on a break shot!

Numerous members of the SaddleBrooke One board and HRC, along with SaddleBrooke One’s general manager Vivian Timian attended, in addition to the three potential board members currently running for the SaddleBrooke One board.

The HOA unanimously provided for the four new Diamond Pro-Am pool tables, along with new balls, and eight black, fiberglass cue sticks. The PPB added to furnishings in the Billiards Room with custom pool table covers, matching stools, new cue sticks and racks, hanging chalk holders, bridges, and custom coasters with the PPB logo for your beverages. The PPB is also working on pool table cover caddies for the four pool tables.

To all SaddleBrooke residents: If you have not visited your Billiards Room, please stop by the Catalina Recreation Center at 36795 S. Ridgeview Boulevard and see the classy venue that SaddleBrooke One and PPB have put together for your billiards enjoyment and a place to gather. To reserve a pool table for a two-hour session, go to www.signupgenius.com/go/904054cada828a3f58-billiards# and create an account, and you’ll be able to reserve a pool table.

The PPB emphatically thanks the SaddleBrooke One Board of Directors, HRC, our general manager, and current candidates for their support of the PPB and billiards community in SaddleBrooke. With your continuing support, the PPB intends to make our Billiards Room the best in the West!