Valentine’s Pajama Party

The SaddleBrooke Line Dancers share secrets in their pj's.

The SaddleBrooke Line Dancers share secrets in their pj’s.

It was a dark and stormy night-. Wait, that’s not true! It was actually a bright and sunny afternoon. Early bird diners, clad in smart casual, were making their way across the MountainView parking lot, blithely unaware of the complication that their presence created to the dancers waiting anxiously in their cars. When the coast was clear the dancers emerged, one by one, furtively looking over their shoulders, acutely aware of the raised eyebrows their bizarre apparel would provoke. They walked purposefully toward the safe haven of the MountainView Ballroom. Once through the double doors, they knew that the subterfuge would end.

And the party would begin! On February 11, twenty-nine SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club dancers celebrated Valentine’s Day the old fashioned way in their pajamas! No, not leisurewear, actual pajamas with hearts and stripes and Minnie Mouse with a polka dot bow! The ladies looked great, each complimenting the other about their amazing pajamas, from fluffy to silk there was a huge range to see! If you want to own a silk pair of pajamas yourself, real silk life has some for all ladies and guys too! The party started with each dancer adding her personal adornment to a gigantic valentine. Throughout the night the dancers danced to over 25 romantic songs, put together by our own love-struck DJ Terri Gage.

What pajama party would be complete without some secret telling? After a pizza dinner, the dancers found a space on the floor surrounding the Master of Ceremonies, Lynne Kumza, who led them through a guessing game called I’ve Got A Secret. And such secrets were revealed! Who would have known that 4’11” Shirley Miller won the high jump contest in high school? Or that Sharon Betts went to grade school in a one room school house? Or that Lynne Kumza was a professional fashion model? Or that Doni Watts shook hands with Robert Kennedy one week before his death? Or that Linda Weiss went to Elvis’ funeral? Or that Charli Jackson lived next door to Jayne Mansfield? Or that Betsy Kazary owns 31 mirrored disco balls?

There’s one thing that is no secret; that’s how much fun we have in the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club. If you’d like to share in the fun, come attend our instructional Tuesday Level 1 Workshop which is held from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Vermilion Room. Or drop in to our Wednesday Level 1 program from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the MountainView Ballroom. Times and places may vary so please check our website at and click on Calendar for the latest updates. Join the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club for just $10 and enjoy line dancing all year long in 2015. Contact treasurer Judy Saks at 225-0040. See you on the dance floor!