Christmas on the Rhine

Experiencing a Christmas markets cruise along the Rhine is an enchanting experience. The journey begins in Basel, Switzerland, a city whose glorious past is still evident in its medieval Town Hall and exquisite 18th Century homes. Prior to the cruise we stayed at the Grand Les Trois Rois, a beautiful hotel on the Rhine where guests have stayed for generations. Our cruise took us to Breisach, Strasbourg, Speyer, Rudesheim, Koblenz and Cologne. In each city we visited amazing Christmas markets.

The best part about river cruising is the access to cities and the beautiful river fronts! We found Cologne to be the most interesting port of call and if you are on select departures you will be able to stay there a full day and into the night. It is the best way to learn so much about the history of cologne and perfume. Cologne is famous for its majestic Cathedral and bustling Christmas markets. The Cathedral was the largest structure in Europe until the Eifel Tower was erected.

After leaving Cologne at night your ship cruises to Koblenz and moors overnight. The city tour in Koblenz was a night walking tour and it offers you the opportunity to get involved in the festive nightlife of the Christmas markets. You’ll be amazed by the friends you meet at the market and you are close enough to see right where the ship is docked. The river cruise ended in Amsterdam, amidst the city’s legendary canals and colorful holiday surroundings.

On our stop in Rudesheim we visited Siegfried’s Music Museum. The music museum is housed in an attractive old manor house, the Brömserhof, a knight’s residence that dates back to the 15th Century. The museum houses a very large collection of mechanical music instruments and it is marvelous to hear these self-playing instruments from the 19th Century!

The time spent onboard is as enjoyable as your time exploring the beautiful towns and cities. The Cruise Managers have an amazing job. They provide twice-daily lectures on each location; when floating down the Rhine for a morning of castle viewings, they provided the history for each castle.

River cruising is a really great opportunity for multi-generation travel. The whole family from grandparents to young adults can explore all these amazing places together. River cruising is perfect for seniors, active adults, seasoned travelers looking for something new and solo travelers. If you are especially interested in history, taking a river cruise will drop you off right in the middle of the cities you read about! For more information contact your local Bon Voyage Travel at 520-825-2757.