University of Arizona Theater expert visits SaddleBrooke

Bill Trapp

On Tuesday, March 10 the SaddleBrooke Theater Guild sponsored a workshop on theater sound presentation for residents and HOA2 staff members. Matt Marcus, Theater Sound Designer at the University of Arizona, graciously volunteered his services and presented a variety of methods to improve sound quality for theater and musical productions.

The morning session focused on improving sound quality at the DesertView Performing Arts Center. Matt shared his expertise on effective ways to use microphones on the stage and also helped the theater staff expand their knowledge of sound mixing techniques. Representatives from The Variety Show, Prime Time Players, SaddleBrooke Singers and HOA2 staff were in attendance.

Matt Marcus was joined by Alvin Segler, Chief Sound Engineer for Old Blue Sound, for the afternoon session in the MountainView Ballroom. Alvin had just completed the installation of a new sound system in the ballroom; a project which was jointly funded by the Theater Guild and the HOA2 Board. On Matt’s recommendation the Theater Guild had previously purchased new stage microphones which can be used both at the ballroom and the DesertView Performing Arts Center.

The focus of the afternoon session was to orient participants on the use of the new sound equipment and to improve the quality of sound for The Prime Time Players production of House of Tomorrow. The expertise provided by Matt and Alvin resulted in a greatly improved sound design for the production. Both Matt and Alvin offered to provide the Theater Guild with further technical assistance in the future and we thank them for their support.

The Theater Guild would like to give a special thanks to SaddleBrooke resident Dr. Ted Hariton who is on the Music Advisory Board of the University of Arizona School of Music. Through his efforts the Guild has established a long term working relationship with the University of Arizona School of Music and School of Theatre, Film and Television. Technical assistance from U of A faculty has greatly improved theatrical and musical productions by SaddleBrooke residents. University students and faculty from the University of Arizona College of Fine Arts Fred Fox School of Music have showcased their talents in numerous productions at our DesertView Performing Arts Center.

We are fortunate to have the Fred Fox School of Music as well as the School of Theater, Film and Television as friends, mentors and supporters who have pledged to continue their support to the Guild and SaddleBrooke residents in the future.