Two SaddleBrooke Photo Groups Unite: A New Era in Photography Begins

2024 board of directors for the newly formed SaddleBrooke Photography Club (left to right): Ellen Victor, treasurer; Mark Guinn, president; Byron Cotter, secretary; and Dan Garand, vice president

Helen Avery

The Photographers of SaddleBrooke Club has joined with the SaddleBrooke Photography Club to become one club in 2024.

Mark Guinn, president of the SaddleBrooke Photography Club, looks forward to leading the club in 2024 as they merge their knowledge and expertise in all things related to photography and digital art in the newly formed organization. The complementary pieces of each club will serve to form one club with shared goals: a desire for increased collaboration, the exploration of evolving industry dynamics to include interests in smartphone photography, DSLR and mirrorless technologies, as well as artificial intelligence (AI)-driven software to enhance creativity. “We all believe the consolidation of our respective clubs will create a more complete and comprehensive offering to the SaddleBrooke photography community, thereby providing a “one-stop shop” for all levels of photographers looking for a place to meet and mix with like-minded neighbors,” shared President Mark Guinn.

The anticipated benefit of this merger rests in the ability of both photo groups to leverage the combined knowledge base. Mentoring those who are working to improve their skills by offering a wide range of workshops and special interest groups is key to assisting beginning photographers with building their skill level through the intermediate stage and beyond. The club believes offering a learning environment, such as weekly Open Studio meetings, encourages members to get out there and try new techniques while building camaraderie and trust amongst our members. We offer field trips to local venues as well as other destinations around Arizona. As a member of the Arizona Camera Club Council (ACCC), members may participate in photo competitions twice a year. Guest speakers are invited to share their perspectives, tips and tricks, and photographic journeys to further promote and enrich the learning environment.

We invite SaddleBrooke residents, regardless of skill level, to attend an Open Studio meeting to get a sense of what the club has to offer. The meetings are held on Friday mornings at 9 a.m. in the Topaz Room located in the SaddleBrooke TWO Arts and Crafts Center. For more information about the SaddleBrooke Photography Club and what we offer, visit our website