Turkey Tales

Linda Rosenkrans

In a turkey coup, where feathers flew,

A clever bird emerged, with wit anew,

His name was Tom, a turkey true,

Whose escape would forge a tale to pursue

A plan did form within his wise head,

To outsmart the humans, fill them with dread,

He’d swap his fate, his destiny’s thread,

Replacing his dinner with an imposter, he said

A vegetarian turkey he planned to portray,

To bring a twist on this Thanksgiving Day,

With tofu and veggies, arranged like a buffet,

Tom led his grand deception, stealthily at play

As the time approached, the table was set,

Guests salivating; a feast they’d never forget,

But little did they know, they were to be met,

By a turkey imposter, a surprise they’d soon get

The imposter sat on the platter, so neat,

While Tom and his friends prepared to retreat,

A curtain distraction, they took on the beat,

And the turkey coup’s prisoners, they’d soon be freed

With a clever distraction, Tom made his dash,

The humans bewildered; their faces a flash,

His feathered brethren, they’d follow the splash,

To a paradise for poultry, they’d escape in a flash

In this hidden haven, grace filled the air,

Turkeys danced freely, without a care,

No humans with knives, or worrying stares,

Just endless fields, where they’d happily share.

And so, in this tale, a wise turkey named Tom,

Showed wit and cunning, his freedom he’d won,

The Thanksgiving table, turned into some fun,

As his friends found happiness, freedom, and warmth under the sun.

In the poultry paradise, they forever reside,

Where their feathers ruffle in joyous pride,

For Tom, the clever turkey, life’s tide,

Had washed them away to the other side.

So, remember this tale when Thanksgiving arrives,

That turkeys have stories, and clever lives,

A humorous escape, where freedom thrives,

In the poultry paradise, where happiness thrives.