‘Try Art for the Fun of It,’ Advises Beginning Watercolorist

Anne Romeo shows some of the paintings she’s completed in Guild classes and events. (Photo by LaVerne Kyriss)

LaVerne Kyriss

While Anne Romeo studied art history in college, she never seriously considered trying art as a pastime during her adult life. She and her husband appreciated art and collected a few pieces during their lives, but that all changed in 2021.

The Romeos moved to SaddleBrooke in 2015, and both got involved in activities they previously enjoyed and spent time with new friends, as well as their parents, who’ve lived here for 22 years. Then in 2021, Anne’s sister also moved to the ‘Brooke. The daughters decided to try something together that neither had previously explored. The SaddleBrooke Fine Art Guild was holding a Wine and Art event, and they thought it would be fun to try. “We giggled our way through the evening and had such a great time that Mom decided to join us for the next session,” Romeo said. “It’s such a wonderful mother-daughter activity, and the proceeds are designated for a local charity. We’ve attended four so far and have even brought neighbors to join us. Everyone has fun.

“Then we decided to try the Guild’s Art Sampler class. It was really fun, too, and the teachers were so helpful and encouraging,” Romeo added. “Pretty soon we decided we should become members so we could get the member rate for classes. And now we’ve signed up for a five-week beginner watercolor class. I even got a gift card to Arizona Art Supply for my mom, because she’s enjoying it so much and wants to get more supplies.

“I’ve always liked creating things and seeing something evolve from a blank surface, so creating art appeals to me. I worked as a project manager, helping health care organizations deploy software and electronic records systems, so art is a brand new way to use the other side of my brain,” she joked.

When Romeo joined the Guild, she also got involved in the project to relaunch the Guild’s website and has taken on the role of managing membership data. “Everyone in the Guild has been so welcoming and so encouraging,” Romeo said. “You don’t have to be an expert or want to be a well-known artist. You just have to like art and want to try your hand at it. I’m really struggling to figure out how to mix colors to get the shade I want, and people are so helpful, friendly, and patient.

“It’s okay to just want to create art for fun. At first, I thought I had to be really good at something to enjoy it,” she reflected. “Now I know I can just relax and try something I never thought I’d do. I’m stretching the creative part of my mind and making lots of new friends. I hope everyone in our community can try out new areas to explore, whether it’s art or pickleball. You might discover new talents and interests.”

For more information about classes and activities hosted by the SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild, visit them online at saddlebrookefinearts.org. Wine and Art events and Art Sampler classes are held periodically throughout the year. Check the online schedule for dates and times.