Tickets on sale for SaddleBrooke Singers December concert

Steph Mattie

Hey, can you feel it? The air conditioners have been turned off, shorts and sandals are back in the closet and it is a cool autumn day in Arizona. The thought of Christmas shopping and wrapping presents may still seem far off, but do you realize December is just around the corner? And do you know that you can already purchase your tickets for the SaddleBrooke Singers holiday concert? For the past two months, approximately 50 of your SaddleBrooke neighbors have been rehearsing and really getting into the Christmas spirit.

On December 7 and 9, at the DesertView Theatre, the SaddleBrooke Singers want to take you along on a heartwarming celebration of holiday sights and sounds. Under the direction of Tanya Elias-Graf, join us as we present beloved holiday music made famous in television and movies. This year’s show is entitled “Holiday in Motion… Pictures, that is! (With Forever Christmas),” and features a treasure trove of holiday songs from television and movies. You’ll be treated to a wide variety of Christmas tunes you have loved for years! I’ll bet you will even be humming or singing along right from your seat in the audience. We hope that our assortment of holiday music will put a smile on your face to begin the holiday season!

The SaddleBrooke Singers organization is comprised of SaddleBrooke residents and has been presenting programs to the community for 25 years. The holiday concert will be presented on December 7 and 9, 2018. Tickets are on sale now at the MountainView Ticket Office or at the DesertView Theatre website. Please visit and place your order to let us help you jumpstart your Christmas spirit. For more information about the SB Singers, please contact Jay Hansen at 520-271-8542.