There was a whole lot of clinking going on

Definition: Clinking: 1. The sound made when numerous medals that are suspended around a swimmer’s neck bump together 2. A celebratory toast.

SaddleBrooke swimmers had lots of reasons to celebrate as they swam winning times and earned their places on the winner’s podium at the Tucson Senior Games. The swim meet was one of the many events that were part of the 2019 Tucson Senior Olympic Festival. Senior athletes, fifty and over, compete in everything from archery to volleyball during the month-long festival. The swimming competition was held on Thursday, January 24 at the Clements pool. Medals are awarded for placing first, second or third in each age group. Fourteen SaddleBrooke swimmers competed and combined earned 20 first place medals, 16 second place medals and five third place medals.

Highlights of the meet were performances by new swimmer Dick Kreutzen who placed either first or second in all four of his events. Also, new to swimming, competitors Rick and Lynne Vieth and Theresa Ashton each placed in three events. This is quite an achievement for first year swimmers!

Seasoned swimmers Harold Peters, Jack Fritz and Beverly Schulz represented the SaddleBrooke commitment to hard work and consistency and walked away with four medals each! Also swimming and earning medals at the meet were SaddleBrooke swimmers: Jill Fritz, Leslie Kurywchak, Laurie Loose, Anne Lowry, Linda Merritt, Lyn Moreno and Drake Van Beek. Every swimmer competing enjoyed a well-run competition and swam great times!