Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors helping Neighbors

Connie Wortman enjoying her post-op meal delivered by a Senior Village volunteer.

Home again service: free meals delivered for post-op/rehab

Judy Cummings

When told she needed surgery on her shoulder, Connie Wortman proceeded to select her surgeon and make arrangements to have the procedure. However, she was concerned that, since she lived alone, she would have some difficulties with cooking and meal prep after surgery with one arm out of commission.

Connie moved to SaddleBrooke from Michigan in 2000 with her husband. In 2014 her husband passed away and she found herself living alone. When she knew she had to have surgery, she thought about how post operatively she could handle some of the tasks of daily living. Connie is an upbeat individual, definitely a “glass half full” type of person. She is positive, independent and laughs a lot. She felt confident in her ability to be alone, but still she worried. She didn’t want to impose on her friends (too much) and thought about a solution for her first few days at home.

Since she is a member of Senior Village, Connie called 520-314-1042 and asked if they could help with meals; and they could! She had heard Senior Village recently established a relationship with IMPACT, a local non-profit organization, to provide meals without charge for a limited time to Village members who are post hospitalization or rehab and have no one to cook for them and Village volunteers will deliver the meals.

When asked how she felt about the meals and the delivery system, Connie couldn’t stop talking! She loved that she could call ahead of time and set up a schedule. For the first two weeks after surgery, she didn’t have to worry about cooking or what she would eat. Three times a week, the volunteer brings one fresh meal and one frozen, meals like Salisbury steak, five cheese lasagna, sweet and sour chicken. The quantity was more than enough and quality of the food was good. There was also the added benefit of having a bit of socialization on the days of delivery.

Connie liked having the same person come each time and felt “safer” knowing someone “had their eyeballs” on her should anything have gone wrong (it didn’t). Two weeks after returning home, Connie was back to driving herself, cooking meals and living independently. Connie readily shares her enthusiasm about the services Senior Village provides, “I’ll make sure people at my church know about Senior Village.” With the help of Senior Village and IMPACT, Connie’s going to be just fine!

To join Senior Village or become a patron or volunteer, call 520-314-1042. For more details, log on to Annual membership is $48 for a single and $60 for a household which entitles each person to 72 services a year (transportation, fix-its around the house and social activities).

Senior Village seeks part-time executive director

Stephanie Thomas

For three years, Senior Village has been guided by a small core of volunteers who live, breathe and toil tirelessly, dedicated to the mission of helping residents of SaddleBrooke live independently as they age in place. Now that membership has climbed to over 500 and services are provided by 160 volunteers, the demands of organization and administration exceed the time and stamina of our volunteer coordinators.

After much discussion about maintaining present services and implementing future goals, the Senior Village Board of Directors voted to begin the search for a part-time (20 hours/week) paid Executive Director. While the position will be posted on websites, we also want to advise SaddleBrooke residents of this opportunity. Our community boasts many career professionals whose experience and interests might motivate them to consider applying for this position.

The Executive Director will take on responsibilities in the areas of program development, day-to-day administration, fiscal oversight, public relations communication, member and volunteer enrollment and interaction with team leaders and board directors.

Qualified candidates will have demonstrated successful management experience, superior written and oral communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills and proficiency with computers.

Above all, interested applicants must share a passion for the vision of Senior Village and a personal commitment to the mission of “neighbors helping neighbors.” Let us hear from you! Together we will make a difference!

For more details, send an email to Village President David Loendorf at [email protected]