The whistle finally blows for Brian Gallup


Bob Edelblut

Let’s jump straight to the point. On Thursday, April 5 at the Preserve Golf Course Brian Gallup finally had his day—his first ever hole-in-one on the 14th hole. Didn’t all of you hear our train blow its whistle? Rumor has it that several neighbors living near the green heard the whistle and the loud celebration taking place on the green. They quickly joined the revelers and one actually asked Brian if he would mind doing it over so they could experience the joy themselves. Brian has finally punched his ticket on the hole-in-one train and it only took 55 years! Good stories.

Brian concluded that his shot on number 14 was about 155 yards and he chose to hit his six iron. All he really wished to do with the shot was hit it straight and keep it on the green. It was a perfect shot—high, straight and just the right distance. He remembers with just a bit of emotion watching his ball roll toward the flag. Then as panic was truly taking over he remembered that he said to the ball “get closer, get closer.” Brian and his partners Warren Tiahrt, David Jones and Mark Kunnen all had the pleasure of watching his shot fall into the hole. I think Warren probably gets an assist because Brian’s other clear memory is of Warren telling the ball to go in the hole, over and over. Yes, it was a Thursday Men’s Club event and free beer will flow at an upcoming luncheon. We all thank you. Oops, I almost forgot to tell you that the best score Brian’s team could make on this hole was par. I think Brian said they all took the hole off!

Brian began his golfing career while in his teens in West Hartford, CT. To this day he still blames his slice on his mother. It seems that she was much more interested in him being shown the proper way to ride a horse than the proper way to swing a golf club. Good story. Not to worry, Brian has been taking lessons non-stop since he moved to SaddleBrooke in 2004 and obviously they are working.