Not your father’s computer lab


Maggie deBlock

On March 1, 2018 SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotary Club members heard a fascinating presentation from Dennis Blauser, Superintendent of the Oracle School District No. 2 and his IT specialist Terry McGobern. Mr. Blauser spoke about the Oracle School Foundation and their accomplishments in providing pre-schooling for three and four-year-old kids as well as a math and science camp available for children.

Mr. McGobern presented a PowerPoint presentation of their new state-of-the-art computer lab. All students are taught computer programming. The “makers space” enabling students to learn code (basic block building) sets this lab apart from many others. The makers space enables students to utilize robotics, 3D printers, gaming and virtual reality stations. By utilizing this technology, they learn to think independently to solve problems with robots, Raspberry Pi and 3D printers. Most students arrive early in order to have more time to work on their robots.

We were delighted to witness two students, Anthony Villaveva and Hunter Hill, demonstrate a VEX robot that they built and even some club members took a turn to drive the robot as it was performing wheelies.

These students will have a heads up on computer technology when leaving for senior high and possibly a very bright future in computer science technology jobs.

SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotary Club is proud of all our members, who make contributions of time and money to assist those within our community and over the world. Won’t you join us in making a difference? We meet every Thursday at noon in the Catalina Room next to the Mesquite Grill. Please contact Ron Lenz, membership chair, at 262-358-0130.