The Tennis Cabana Visits SaddleBrooke

Debbie McGeehan

There was a lot of activity at the tennis pavilion on Nov. 7. Cheri Megli and Marco Navarro have been coming down for nine years to our Tennis Club. They were unable to come last year due to the COVID restrictions. The Tennis Cabana is located in Chandler. Cheri loads up her suburban and trailer with tennis apparel, footwear, racquets, and POP paddles. Our volunteers are always anxious to unload the items, to get a first look at what they might want to purchase!

It was beautiful weather for shopping and trying out some new racquets and paddles. Margaritas and other soft beverages, along with some snacks, were served on the patio for the players and shoppers. It was a great turnout, and many purchases were made. Maybe they were motivated by the nice weather, or possibly the margaritas. Either way, everyone enjoyed hitting balls and socializing on the patio.

Our SaddleBrooke Tennis Club consists of so many enthusiastic volunteers. Thanks to our tennis pros, who helped on the courts with the demo of new POP paddles and tennis racquets. The gals who served the margaritas, soft drinks, and snacks did an excellent job of keeping the glasses full and the snacks replenished. The volunteers who help unload and pack up all the items from the Tennis Cabana are invaluable. It was another memorable and fun day for all!