The Importance of Our SBHOA2 Membership Cards

Michael Leesley, SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations Committee

Our membership cards are important in three ways: proof of residency when wishing to use one of our facilities, convenient charge cards, and as IDs for using our amenities.

Drawing attention to the importance of carrying them everywhere, the SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations Document, Article VII, Section 7.02, states: “Membership cards must be carried at all times by members/owners, associate members, and renters as proof of their right to use the facilities.” Now, this may seem an overreach to make it mandatory to carry one’s card but, without it, you cannot use our facilities unless you wait outside hoping to ask someone who does have their card to let you in. You can also use your card for admission at SaddleBrooke One facilities.

Your membership card can also be used to have restaurant charges added directly to your SaddleBrooke TWO account. Similarly, fees for other amenities, such as fitness classes, may also be paid using the card.

The use of the card as an ID is even more important in an emergency. Many of us spend time walking, cycling, and golf carting around our streets and golf courses. It’s pretty unlikely that an accident or a fainting spell will occur, but they do happen, and if one occurs, you may end up unconscious. Hopefully, someone will be around to render aid, but if you are unable to be identified because you are not carrying your membership card or other identification, first responders may have to transport you to an emergency room where you would be admitted as John or Jane Doe. This makes the job of the ER registrar more complicated and may cause a delay in your treatment, as well as a delay in contacting family or someone who can speak on your behalf. Thus, for safety reasons, it makes sense to carry identification at all times.

Obviously, it is important that the emergency contact information associated with your membership card is up to date. You can check and, if necessary, update your address, phone number, and email address online at Or you can stop by the office in the Administration building. Better to be safe than sorry!