The First Annual Glenn Peterson Memorial Intrasquad Festival

A tribute was made to the late Glenn Peterson on March 19 at the DesertView pool. Glenn was the first president of the SaddleBrooke Swim Team starting in 2005 and swam with the team up to his last day, passing on Oct. 23, 2021.

About 40 competitive and fitness swimmers from the club participated in the “just for fun” festival. Our swim coach Terry Heggy put together 18 different and fun individual and relay events for the SaddleBrooke swimmers. Members were divided into two separate teams, led by Coach Larry John and Coach Terry. The events were certainly not ones you might normally see in a swim meet and created lots of giggles and grins. One event was a 30-second synchronized event; another was a 25-yard relay with a noodle held by the swimmers. One person forgot to grab the noodle at his end, and Coach Terry had to run to the end of the pool with the noodle so the next swimmer could continue. That caused many laughs! Another swim was 25 yards with head out of the water, and then target swims where the swimmer had to estimate their own times for a 50- and 100-yard swim. The end scores were pretty much a tie between the two teams, but both teams claimed bragging rights! Pizza followed the final event after a fun-filled morning.

Another Celebration of Life was held in the evening at the RoadRunner Grill and organized by Glenn’s son Bruce for Glenn’s neighbors, friends, and fellow swimmers, per Glenn’s wishes. Glenn is fondly remembered by all those who were fortunate to know him.

The SaddleBrooke Swim Team is open to any interested swimmer, whether they want to swim just for the exercise and enjoyment or if they care to compete. If so, just come and join us. Our swim workouts, which range from beginner to advanced, meet every day of the week except Sunday, with coached sessions. If interested, check our website for more information.