The Cathouse at the Preserve

Photo, patio and comfy cushions courtesy of Shipton’s B&B.

Ann Lange

The Preserve’s reputation for their wildlife as party animals has spread throughout the territory and, on Sunday, January 5, the three Brooke Backyard Bobs stopped by to check it out. Shortly before 8:00 a.m. these cold, but cool cats showed up at Shipton’s B&B without reservations, staked out a cushy spot and nestled in for a nap while they waited for Frank and Diane to come out and play. An hour later, when it became apparent that the B&B owners are real party poopers during a cold snap, they moseyed on, promenading atop the brick catwalk that separates the Peregrine Place patios from the 12th hole at The Preserve Golf Club, trolling for a B&B on the same block that actually provides beverages, brunch and blankies. One later returned to the Shipton’s and hunkered down for the day lounging in slumberland, dreaming of hospitality that might include some favorite food fare, possibly a meal of rabbits, rats, mice, ground squirrels or other small wild game. With no such luck and being a fella of a nocturnal species, he left at 5:45 p.m. to begin the usual task of hunting for dinner around dusk. The Bobbsey twins and their mom returned even earlier the next morning, thinking the just-opened B&B might have caught on to the amenities thing, but with still no blankies, the whole kit and caboodle curled up into one big fur ball and with still no brunch, Mom began nursing. All in all, the furry felines were polite patio guests, spent most of their time quietly cat napping or grooming, carried away their own empties and despite thinking that surely a respectable B&B would provide some extras such as a little tuck-in, bedtime story or lullaby, they made no complaints. The ambience of the vacation den sure beat that of their main den – a cave, rock shelter, hollow log or one of their auxiliary dens in the brush. As for the Shiptons, frankly, hard to say whether they are running a Bobcat B&B or some kind of Cathouse, but they sure seem to have a lot of sleepovers and slinky guests roaming in and out.

We awake every morning to the many gifts that come with living in Arizona. The varied, but mostly great weather, the ever-changing desert scape, the majestic mountains, the wonderful retirement communities and the wildlife! Bobcats (Lynx Rufus) are a North American cat found in most of the contiguous U.S. They are named for their stubby “bobbed” tails, have distinctive tufted ears and the adult averages 2-2.5 feet in length and ranges 12-30 pounds. The bobcats were here first; we are their guests. As we continue to build out SaddleBrooke and encroach on their natural habitat, let us be as respectful and protective as possible. It is tempting to get close to these beautiful, elegant cuddly-looking but claw-bearing strong creatures. Share your patio if you wish, but remember – no canapés or cocktails for the wildlife. Not even a teeny, tiny cat nip.