The beat goes on – summer line dance lessons with Rebecca

Spring Line Dance fun for all with Rebecca (far right). These happy dancers are having great warm weather exercise in the SaddleBrooke One Vermilion Room on Tuesday mornings. Dancing fun year-round.

Mark Magdanz

Why line dance? Improving your health and strength is not something to put off for another minute. Research reveals that the best exercise results may be obtained by combining music, learning, socializing, balance, coordination and varying intensity pace. All these factors are found on the line dance floor. Build a better brain, increase your balance and fitness, have fun all with one activity. Come gain fun, exercise, balance, strength, friends, brain/memory power, muscle tone, bone strength, self-confidence and consistent fun with Rebecca. Willingness to laugh at yourself and with others is your most vital asset. It’s required that you be nice to yourself allowing time to catch basics in dance. Remember, to learn anything new you must make mistakes.

Sign-ups for Level 1/Beginner and Level 2/Easy Intermediate are in progress. Line dance classes for the summer season begin mid-July for a series lasting till September 20. Lessons in Level 1 teach you basics of line dancing in a fun and safe environment. Rebecca teaches with humor, repetition and joy. You will learn new skills with each fun dance. Dances are different each series. You’ll start on your dancing journey and then continue to build stamina, foot speed, balance and step confidence. With new movements and combinations to learn you will master a few at a time, usually just a couple within each dance. Some line dance steps are quite difficult so those come later in upper skill level lessons. Monday and/or Thursday for Beginner/Level 1 classes.

Easy Intermediate/Level 2 are terrific for our more experienced dancer. A mix of cardio and more complex dances is great fun. Level 2 works especially on more complex skills and steps up the exercise pace. Easy Intermediate/Level 2 classes are available Monday afternoon and/or Tuesday morning.

Student party speed/practice sessions are Thursday for Level 2 dancing. A great cardio and muscle memory session is the goal of practices with the hour quickly moving from dance to dance. Come prepared to laugh, move, learn, perspire and expand your brain and memory.

If you have tried some dancing and stopped for any non-physical reason, try it again. The only way not to have fun in line dance is to give up. Rebecca has one abiding purpose in teaching, she just loves to see the joy and sense of accomplishment on the faces of her students as they succeed and have fun.

Reservations are required and the A/C is on for indoor summer fun. Series are year-round with three-four separate seasonal starts. Class size is restricted to provide optimal learning.

Rebecca is a full-time, 14-year resident in SaddleBrooke. She has trained SaddleBrooke and now SB Ranch dancers to have loads of fun on the dance floor for about ten years. For more information on entry to this summer session or to put your name on a future reservation list, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656.