Keeping the home fires burning at the SBWGA

Ret Convey

The time has come to wish bon voyage and happy trails to our pals who are departing for either their other homes or a summer vacation. We will miss all of you and promise to keep the Tucson home fires burning until you return.

Of course, it’s no secret that keeping the home fires burning is what the SBWGA does best, whether in the role of host or guest. On May 8 we burned up the course at our other “home,” SaddleBrooke Ranch, where we joined with MVPLGA to play the first leg of our Home & Home & Home tournament. Beautiful calm weather, golf and lunch with our “sisters” made the day very special and we’d like to thank SBRWGA for a wonderful time.

Several of our players enjoyed very happy results in May. Phyllis Sarrels deserves a hearty pat on the back for not only playing in the winning foursome at the Home & Home & Home tournament, but also lassoed the Southern District Del Sud victory. Happy May Aces, Becky Hubbard, gross, and Ret Convey, net, are clicking their heels at their wins and Bonnie Westra will be wearing her Break 90 pin with pride! Congratulations to all!

This just in from our Play-Day Committee: The CWGA is accepting applications for its 2019 season. The vibrant organization provides opportunities to play at many fabulous clubs throughout Tucson, so if you have an itch to occasionally try out some new courses at a very reasonable price, give the CWGA a try.

Lastly, an exciting update: after months of hard work and planning, our brand new red/aqua tee boxes are open for business. Once a distant dream, the tees became a reality thanks to Judy Fick, our AGA/AWGA rater who hammered out the particulars along with Bernie and Erin Groeneveld, the Director of USGA programs for the AWGA. These new rated tees are a welcome addition and promise to keep this maddening, beloved game well within reach for all of us.