Tennis Club Celebrated the Fourth of July With Its Second Social This Year

Linda Foy

What a great feeling, being able to get together in larger groups.

Starting at 9 a.m., we filled all the courts with both tennis and POP tennis players. After two hours of play in humid conditions that many of us have not experienced since leaving our home states, everyone was ready to snack and chat. Humidity certainly did not stop the almost 100 members and guests from celebrating the holiday.

Music was supplied by Mike Dunbar, with a playlist of patriotic songs in celebration of the Fourth of July.

Hamburgers and hot dogs were grilled by our master chefs Jay Wilson and Jim Marchisio. Club members supplied the delicious side dishes. The ladies volunteering in the kitchen, Claudia Enea, Fran Meckler, Cindy Madsen, Kay White, Sarah Smith, Carol Sochacki, and Linda Foy worked tirelessly, setting out the side dishes. Rhoda Kaplan and Judy Renfrow checked members in and handed out name tags so the old and new members could get to know each other. After eating our fill, club members had root beer floats and ice cream sundaes served by master scoopers Gary Greenbaum and John Sochacki.