Tennis Center patio for all SaddleBrooke residents

New sun screens grace the SaddleBrooke Tennis Center Patio.

New sun screens grace the SaddleBrooke Tennis Center Patio.

Jay Clayton Wilson

Have you noticed how many of our SaddleBrooke Tennis Club articles are about events that happen on our patio? No surprise there because the patio is so convenient and well equipped for our parties, lunches and award presentations.

Have you also noticed how often our SaddleBrooke neighbors use the patio for their events? Our residents hold unit parties, discussions and meetings in an area where there is a BBQ (small charge), bathrooms, ice, tables, fans, easy cleanup and now this—new sun screens! They will shade us in the summer and comfort us in winter, especially if deck heaters happen to become available.

Our Board of Directors has worked closely with the HOA 1 Board to initiate the sun screen project from conception to installation. All SaddleBrooke residents owe the HOA 1 Board a hardy thanks for funding the $12,000 price of this valuable asset. Give ‘em a handshake and pat on the back when you see them around the neighborhood. This was a big deal.

Incidentally, SaddleBrooke Tennis Club members as well as all SaddleBrooke residents are entitled to use the patio free of charge. Simply call Patricia Rogers, the HOA 1 Events Coordinator, at 917-3758 to make a reservation. The SaddleBrooke Patrol will even raise and lower the sun shades upon request since that helpful organization is charged with responsibility for the operating system. Now, that’s service.

You and your neighbors are invited to take advantage of the newly equipped patio at the SaddleBrooke Tennis Center. Bring your friends. Bring your entire unit. Enjoy the STC to the fullest. The STC Patio is the ideal outdoor entertainment center for Robson’s premier facility.

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