Strawberry Moon or Pink Moon

Christine Reding

Why the brilliant reddish hue?

The Algonquin Indians anoint this name

As implantation of strawberries are due

Environmental plateaus are not the same

Birchbark canoes along with the river glides

Fish lines constructed of deer splinters or bone

Roundish bull boats covered with buffalo hides

Containing firewood or fresh meat to ferry home

Seasonal planting begins with the Three Sisters’ plan

Maize buried with mounds of rotten fish or eel

Beans ascend the stalks of corn, providing nitrogen

Squash leaves generate mulch and cast a shady shield

Moss pink phlox begins to abound, enriched greenery

Animals emerge from hidden hibernation and freely roam

The tapping of maple syrup, flowing seasonally

The strawberry moon is the Spring born home